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The Rising Toll Of Noise Pollution


72.6 million U.S. residents are exposed to enough noise to cause longterm health effects

This surprising and alarming collection of statistics highlights how neglected the threat of noise pollution is, putting numbers and hard data on a phenomenon that is harming public health.

It was written to bring to light the true extent of noise pollution to all those who work in noisy industries, and what we ought to be doing to change it.

In this eBook you'll find heaps of interesting data and information on:

  • Statistics on the economic cost of hearing loss (HINT: you'll need more than two hands to count the number of digits in the final figure)
  • How noise pollution affects human health
  • The number of people at risk of harm from prolonged noise exposure
  • How it stunts children's development
  • Why flora and fauna are also at great risk
  • What needs to be done to change it